President's Message


                                                              Message From The President
Dear Footlighters,
I hope and pray that all of you are staying safe & healthy during this Pandemic Crisis. As you know, we have had to cancel our many events, but EVERYTHING will be rescheduled hopefully by 2021. To all who have paid their dues for 2020, those payments have been EXTENDED, so you are ALL PAID IN FULL FOR 2021! Hopefully, The Woody Woodbury Tribute, The Dick Capri Tribute & The Leo & Marian Goldner Humanitarian of the Year Award, & our other events will be rescheduled for 2021. My sincere thanks to the Executive Board & Board of Governors, & the Footlighters Foundation for their support during these difficult times, & to the Footlighters Club for their continued support of our wonderful club.
                                                                 Final Curtain
       Marian Goldner, wife of our beloved Leo Goldner. A true renaissance lady, composer, lyricist & published author of many children's books.
        Trini Lopez.  Internationally famous superstar, singer, musician, actor. In 2016 Trini was The Footlighters Entertainer of the Year & recipient of The Connie Francis Lifetime Achievement Award.
         Sal Richards. Brilliant Multi-Talented comedian, singer, impressionist, actor & author. In 2013 Sal was The Footlighters Club Entertainer of the Year & recipient of The Shecky Greene Lifetime Achievement Award.
         Seymour Zitomerski. Well loved Footlighter who was a welcome addition at all Footlighter Events.
         Joseph Rapp. Talent Agent, producer, & personal manager of Nipsey Russell among many others.
         Guy Duris. Talented musician, singer of the group Orient Express.
 Our deepest sympathy to the families, friends & fans of our departed Footlighters & Friends.

                                                                                                 Stay Safe,

                                                                                              Your President,
                                                                                                Errol Dante    
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