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HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE FOOTLIGHTERS!To be part of the most prestigious entertainment and theatrical club, all it takes is for you to MAIL A $110.00 check to the address below. Fifty dollars is for initiation, and $60.00 is for the first year of dues. After the first year the dues are just $60.00 per year. Due to our club being a theatrical organization, we wave the initiation fee for entertainers and musicians. The membership entitles you to all functions at membership discount plus the monthly Footlighters Newsletter.

*Make Checks Payable to The Footlighters Club.
Send Checks to:

Neil Sedaka with the best of South Florida's                      Tribute Artists.

The Footlighters Club

12590 Pines Blvd.

P.O. Box 260052

Pembroke Pines, Fl. 33027

ZELLE your payment to:

The Footlighters Foundation

(954) 253-3792

*The Footlighters members range from some of the top entertaining, internationally known performers to school teachers to doctors, business technicians, orchestra leaders, police, and individuals from every walk of life one might imagine. 

                   Woody Woodbury

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