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 Executive Board

President: Errol Dante

Vice President: Gary Lamperelli

Chairman of the Board/Treasurer: Mark Friedman

Director of Public Relations: Jack McDermott

Event Planner and Coordinator: Rodi Alexander Friedman

Composer Laureate: Ann Anello

 Board of Governors

Barry Hauser                        Rudy Schwartz
Jimmy Chapel                      Jimmy Kalkstein
Bernard Featherman              Michael Schlossberg
Lou Marsh                            Lou Carabello
Robert Pearlman                   Gary Lamperelli

 We Honor the memory of our Beloved Past Presidents:

Bill Bernardi *
Tommy Dale*
Dinny Dinofer*
Eddie Lane *
Leon Fields *
Lou Marsh
Ted Martin *
Mac Robbins *
Lou Shor *
Eddie Schaffer *
Paul Gray *
Lifty Lewis *
Sammy Walsh *
Jerry Lester *
Bert Sheldon *

 Footlighters Foundation

 Founded by Lou Marsh, Tony Adams and Tommy Dale, since 1971 The Footlighters Foundation has distributed over a million dollars to indigent entertainers and musicians.
We are proud to have the opportunity to give back to those who have delighted us with their talent, artistry, heart and soul - at a time when they need it most.
Errol Dante....... President
Gary Lamperelli............Vice President
Mark Friedman.....Treasurer
Gary Lamperelli.....Recording Secretary
Robert Pearlman
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