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 Executive Board

Chairman of the Board/President: Mark Friedman
Vice President/Secretary: Gary Lamperelli
Treasurer: Barry Hauser
                     Director of Events & Fund Raising:                        Rodi Alexander Friedman 


 Board of Directors

Barry Hauser                        Rudy Schwartz
Robert Pearlman                  Jimmy Kalkstein
Louis Deutch                        Gary Lamperelli

 We Honor the memory of our Beloved Past Presidents:

Gary Lamperelli / Immediate Past President
Errol Dante *
Bill Bernardi *

Tommy Dale*
Dinny Dinofer*
Eddie Lane *
Leon Fields *
Lou Marsh
Ted Martin *
Mac Robbins *
Lou Shor *
Eddie Schaffer *
Paul Gray *
Lifty Lewis *
Sammy Walsh *
Jerry Lester *
Bert Sheldon *

 Footlighters Foundation

 Founded by Lou Marsh, Tony Adams and Tommy Dale, since 1971 The Footlighters Foundation has distributed over a million dollars to indigent entertainers and musicians.
We are proud to have the opportunity to give back to those who have delighted us with their talent, artistry, heart and soul - at a time when they need it most.
Mark Friedman.......Chairman of the Board / President
Gary Lamperelli............Vice President / Secretary
Barry Hauser.....Treasurer
Rodi Alexander Friedman.....Director of Events, Entertainment & Fund Raising
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